Act of cruelty is so shocking

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WHAT kind of individual batters a cat, leaving it covered in blood and nursing horrific injuries?

One can only imagine what sick reason there was.

Did the thug enjoy dishing out such cruelty? Did such an act make them feel in control?

The mind boggles and such speculation leads us into very dark territory, the kind occupied by the lowlife of society.

Thankfully, the cat is now being looked after at an animal sanctuary in Sheffield.

Sadly, sanctuary workers say it is the latest in a string of creatures they have seen suffer abuse.

Which makes you wonder if we really are a nation of pet lovers.

So wouldn’t it be marvellous if some kind soul stepped forward and fostered the cat?

Clearly the animal deserves some tender loving care after such an ordeal.

And it would be reassuring to report a happy ending to what is currently a disturbing story.

Time to honour health heroes

IN your hour of need, they are the people to count on.

Now it’s time to vote for your Healthcare Heroes and today we publish a shortlist of the choices.

They are the hospital or community health staff members who have made a difference and gone beyond the call of duty.

Our list includes a community district nurse, a sister, the leader of a tuberculosis nursing team, a consultant dermatologist, an administrative support worker and a housekeeper.

Each has different skills, but all are dedicated to serving you.

Its easy to take for granted the work done by the 15,000 people who work for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

But they deserve our appreciation which is why you should vote now and show your gratitude.

Tragic loss of life

THE death of Sgt Lee Davidson is a stark reminder of the dangers our troops continue to face.

Fatally wounded by a roadside bomb, he was the 427th member of British forces to be killed in Afghanistan.

It is a tragedy. His young widow Samantha is expecting the couple’s third child and is due to give birth shortly.

As a town, Doncaster is proud of its residents who serve in the armed forces and we know that everyone will be thinking of Sgt Davidson’s family at this very sad time.