Accused 'admitted to me he did it' says mother of Sheffield stab victim

Officers on the Wensley estate after Sami Al-Soroori was stabbed to death
Officers on the Wensley estate after Sami Al-Soroori was stabbed to death
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The mother of a stab victim described the shocking 'mess' when she visited her son in hospital hours after he was attacked.

Sabrah Al-Saroori, told Sheffield Crown Court defendant Khalid Mokadeh, of Firth Park, had admitted stabbing her son Mohammed to her in a meeting at his family home some weeks after.

The Crown allege that Mokadeh stabbed Mohammed in the street during an separate incident on May 25 last year, after Mohammed attempted to mediate in an altercation he saw the defendant having with another man.

Mokadeh, aged 21, is also charged with the murder of Mohammed's older brother Sami, who was stabbed in the chest outside a house party on Wensley Gardens, in Firth Park.

The court heard Sabrah did not tell the police about the attack on Mohammed as family members told her they should 'sort it' but 'not in a threatening way'.

Asked if Mohammed knew she wasn't going to go to the police, she responded: "I saw my son in the hospital bed and he was in a mess with his guts hanging out.

"I wouldn't have thought about the police at that stage - I was wondering if he was going to live or whether he was going to die.

"He'd been gutted - that's what happened to him. He was stabbed four times."

On the visit to the house, Abbas Lakha QC, defending, said Mokadeh denied telling Sabrah he stabbed Mohammed.

She responded: "I looked him in the face and he said yes. That's a lie."

Mr Lakha QC then said her account was different to what she told police.

"He nodded his head, that was good enough for me. I know that he admitted this to me. I am not on trial here, I'm trying to get justice for my son and that's it.

"Sami said to me he [Mokadeh] is not a bad lad and he said he was sorry. I was going to give him a chance. I know that and his family know that."

Mr Lahka QC asked Sabrah if the stabbing had anything to do with a gold chain Mohammed had reportedly stolen weeks' before the incident.

"This is not about the chain. It's irrelevant because that had been sorted."

The court previously heard that Mokadeh was shot in the leg around three weeks' after Mohammed was stabbed.

It's alleged Sami ordered the shooting but Sabrah told the court he said he had 'nothing to do with it'.

Mokadeh, of The Oval, Firth Park, denies one count of murder and one count of wounding with intent.

The trial continues.