Accusation of racism

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As a regular user of National Express for long distance trips as I enjoy the journey as much as the destination I would like to feel a bit of disgust at the way people are accused of being racist so easily.

I have have been refused entry onto a coach because I had fish and chips open.

I have also seen drivers ask Muslims, Sikhs and Pakistanis to not bring native foods.

The reason behind this is due to the overwhelming smell and the smell sticks to the upholstery and clothing like cigarette smoke. It’s not pleasant for people who don’t wish to smell of such foods.

We all take food onto coach trips no matter how little or large the quantity is.

The only mistake the driver did was possibly how he or she phased the question.

I am pretty confident in saying the exact words were not, you better not be taking curry onto the coach. In all my time traveling I haven’t witnessed any foul language or rudeness from National Express drivers.

It’s a shame that people who take offence to things that are not intended to be offensive take matters far beyond than they should have been.

I recall the woman who sued a pub landlord after they jokingly saying: you can’t have that, it’s just for men when the woman asked for a Yorkie chocolate bar even though that exact phrase was all over the media advertising its product. I don’t recall women taking Nestlé to court for its comments about the bar.

Maybe if the girls in question actually asked the driver, what do you mean by those comments?I suggest the question was asked without any malice at all, but was phrased incorrectly

D Cammack