'Accident waiting to happen' - Residents fear someone could be killed by speeding drivers and bad parking near Sheffield school

Speeding drivers and bad parking could result in someone being killed on a busy road close to shops and a school.

Stannington Road, Stannington.
Stannington Road, Stannington.

That is the stark warning from residents fed-up of dangerous drivers using Stannington Road in Stannington.

The road is close to several shops and a pedestrian crossing used weekdays by scores of pupils attending nearby Stannington Infant School.

But residents claim many motorists park illegally on zig-zag lines - which restricts the view both for crossing pedestrians and oncoming motorists.

Coupled with drivers often going above the speed limit, believed to be 30mph, worried locals now fear it is only a matter of time before there is a fatal accident.

Concerned residents vented their fury on a South Yorkshire Police team website and flooded the site with more than 30 comments demanding action to tackle the problem.

Shirley Quinn told how a group of school children were nearly mowed down by a speeding driver.

She said: "People who drive across the zebra crossing because they are going too fast to stop annoy me. I once had to yell at some children to get back.

"They had looked both ways and started to cross but hadn't heard speeding car.

"Once it had sped past and all was safe I ran to them and apologised for upsetting them as one was crying.

"She wasn't upset by me though. It was because she realised they would have been hit."

Ann Benn added: "It's an accident waiting happen when cars park right up to the crossing. Also what about the drivers doing in excess of 30mph driving past there?"

Sally Pearson posted: "What about those who park on the double yellow lines at the other end making it a blind corner? So dangerous."

Rachel Thorpe said she fears "someone will get killed" while Lorna Sullivan said she is "surprised nobody has been run over yet."

Lyndsey Turner called for speed bumps to be installed outside Stannington Infant School "before someone gets hurt."

Meanwhile, other residents urged the authorities to turn the grassed area at the side of shops on the road into a little car park.

Sheffield Council last month launched a public consultation on plans to make more than 300 roads in the city 20mph zones, but Stannington Road was not listed as one of them.

Inspector Colette Fitzgibbons, of the Sheffield North West Local Policing Team, said: "We are dealing with complaints in relation to parking on Stannington Road near the shops.

"If you were not aware, you cannot park on zig-zag lines and could be issued with a parking ticket. This is about safety not about revenue."

She added police community support officers - who have the power to issue parking tickets - will be increasing patrols in the area.

We contacted Stannington Infant School and Sheffield Council for comment and are awaiting a response.