Accident waiting to happen

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I live in an area with lovely grass verges. Some residents choose to use them as parking lots, to save space and let other motorists drive faster on our streets, which also reduces the grass to a rutted quagmire.

Every few months the council/Amey then sends out a whole team of workmen, trucks, diggers etc to sort the grass verges and all is fine for a few hours until cars are once again parked on them. Surely it would be easier and possibly cheaper, just to set fire to a large heap of council tax?

Further to my earlier email complaining that Amey are wasting our money re-turfing grass verges – I was mistaken; they are actually asphalting them this time – including the areas they’d just turfed two months ago!

Although this will save money by avoiding future repairs, it also encourages people to park on the verges and so speeds up traffic flow.

Greystones Grange Road, where the work is currently being carried out – (although now on hold, due to residents’ complaints) – is already a rat-run at rush-hour, 4x4s and delivery vans hurtling down a steep street; it’s an accident waiting to happen.

Anyone injured as a result of a speeding motorist may consider taking legal action, assuming that the victim is still alive to do so.

Mrs A Denby

Greystones Crescent, S11