Academy aim for Cutlers

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The Cutlers’ Company has unveiled plans to boost its involvement in education, which could culminate in sponsoring the establishment of a new academy.

The centuries-old livery company has a long-standing involvement in encouraging young people involved in manufacturing,

Now it wants to take that one step further by backing innovations like Sheffield’s Work-Wise initiative to encourage more pupils in the city region’s schools to consider a career in hi-tech manufacturing and help them gain the core skills which the sector’s companies need.

But past Master Cutler and current Master’s Consort Doug Liversidge, who is spearheading the Company’s drive, would like to go even further by setting up a Cutlers’ Company Academy with strong links to manufacturing.

Mr Liversidge says setting up an academy is a personal dream, but stresses that there is “a long way to go and a lot of people to convince,” before that dream could become a reality.

The company has considered sponsoring an academy in the past, but was put off by requirements to pump a minimum of £2 million into setting up an academy.

Now the government has scrapped that requirement, Mr Liversidge, believes the Company could play a role in providing expertise and finding sources of finance.