'Abusive' lorry driver interrupts Sheffield funeral procession

A photograph of the incident has gone on Facebook
A photograph of the incident has gone on Facebook

A haulage company has promised to investigate claims one of their lorry drivers interrupted and abused a funeral procession in Sheffield on Friday.

A member of the public wrote on the Facebook page of North Lincolnshire firm Scangrit that at about 2pm on Friday, one of their lorries had 'driven at speed' into the middle of their father's funeral procession as it went down Wadsley Lane.

She said: "He then blasted his horn, waved his arms and swore at the hearse and funeral procession.

"The hearse driver had to pull over and allow him to pass in order to allow the procession to continue. Your driver was still cursing and waving his fists at them.

"We were stunned and disgusted by your driver's attitude and behaviour."

Another family member also wrote: “I was driving the second car in the funeral procession behind the hearse. Your driver drove at speed and I also had to pull in to let this disrespectful man pass.

“I was tempted to force him to stop, but given that it was our father’s funeral I thought such an action was inappropriate and there was a danger that he would run into the back of my car.

“I am hoping as a respectable company you will take appropriate action to stop incidents like this happening again.”

Another witness said: “I was in the car behind the hearse.

"The wagon came so fast around the corner I had to put my hand out of the window to slow him down.

"He then proceeded to wave his arms around angrily and showed no respect that the circumstances deserved. I am sure your company is well respected in the field you serve but incidents like this must be investigated.

“Not only did this driver disrespect all the relatives of the deceased but he also endangered others lives with the speed he was driving.”

A spokesman for Scangrit replied that an investigation into the incident would now take place.

The company said on its Facebook page: "Very sorry to see this, it does seem to be totally disrespectful and dangerous, we will be investigating this first thing on Monday morning."