Abuse is abuse

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As a former JP, I am all too well aware of the horrors of domestic violence which lie beneath the surface in the UK, consequently, I do not make the analogy below at all lightly.

I see the European Union as being like that bullying husband who tries to make a cowed wife devalue herself.

She feels that she cannot cope without him, makes herself subservient to him, fails to see her alternatives whilst he makes her submissive to his intimidation and bullying.

For many victims there are welcome alternatives.

As a nation, we have alternatives.

We are entirely capable of running our own affairs - we have no need whatsoever for this union whether it be: for trade, jobs, justice, peace or national development.

Our ‘bullying spouse’ and all its toadying acolytes are, most emphatically, not on our side.

They will browbeat, mislead, deceive and lie. (They have been so doing just that since the 1975 referendum.)

As with so many scam merchants, they talk in generalisations and paint word pictures of doom outside this tedious union but are unable to provide examples of positives which we could not have achieved for ourselves without this burdensome, expensive millstone.

We are one of the great economic forces in the world.

We should have confidence in our abilities to prosper away from this nasty, corrupt, inefficient, inward-looking, bureaucratic, imperialistic, power-mad drain on our resources.

May I urge readers to seek out the countless, tangible facts for themselves and to learn to ignore all the vague, optimistic rhetoric.

Les Arnott

Athelstan Road, Sheffield, S.Yorkshire, S138JB.