Abuse and art exhibition opens in Sheffield

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An abuse and art exhibition organised by the University of Sheffield is being showcased today.

More than 40 artefacts created by victims of interpersonal violence will be on display at the Abuse at Art exhibition.

The event aims to tell the story of the victims and survivors as well as to offer a better insight into what the healing process looks like and highlight the fact that interpersonal violence can happen in various circumstances and it can take numerous forms.

The exhibition, at the university's Diamond Building, on Leavygreave Road, in the city centre, has been organised by the Interpersonal Violence Research Group at the University of Sheffield.

The exhibition will be followed by the screening of a movie, called Private Violence, that aims to answer one of the most common questions asked in cases of interpersonal violence and that is 'Why do they just not leave?' and will be followed by a question and answer panel facilitated by academics from the university.

The event will run until 6pm today, with the film screening at 2pm and the panel discussion starting at 4.30pm.