A World of trouble at PC store

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AS A blueprint for the worst way to treat a loyal customer it is virtually perfect.

Take £240 from a laptop owner for a service agreement, then wreck her machine, which had been working fine, during a ‘health check’.

Repair it – twice – then hand it back over a month later, still not working, but with an unexplained computer game on board.

Take it in for a third repair - and then stop answering enquiries.

Desperate Pamela Bedford contacted Action Desk after this bizarre treatment at the hands of PC World.

Pamela, aged 69, of Meadowcroft Gardens, Westfield, said: “When I challenged them about the computer game I was told it must have been one which I had inadvertently left in. I can assure them it was not - I don’t play computer games.

“In spite of the fact my agreement with them clearly states that if my computer cannot be repaired within six weeks, which it clearly can’t, then I am entitled to a replacement or vouchers towards the cost of purchasing likewise, they are flatly refusing to honour this and seem unable to give a satisfactory reason as to why, which I find completely unreasonable and unacceptable.

“In the meantime I am still paying monthly for my service agreement for a computer I haven’t got, and I’ve also had to make numerous long and expensive phone calls at my own expense - one of which lasted for an hour-and-a-half while I was questioned extensively on dates as to when my computer was in their care.”

A PC World spokeswoman said they were sending vouchers for a new computer.

She added: “Not sure quite what happened here – our customer services team has been in touch with Mrs Bedford and apologised for the way this has been handled and assured her that our service levels will be higher in the future.

“We’ve arranged to replace the PC and have raised a voucher for her.

“We are also reimbursing her for the calls she has made and the coverplan fees for the last two months while we had her PC.”