A wonderful young lady and an inspiration to all

Rebecca Parkin 16, from Sheffield, who was bullied for more than ten years because she has Asperger's syndrome
Rebecca Parkin 16, from Sheffield, who was bullied for more than ten years because she has Asperger's syndrome
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Sheffield teenager Rebecca Parkin told The Star this week how she suffered 10 years of bullying in city schools - which had a serious impact on her education. We asked for your comments on our website and Facebook pages and here’s what you thought to Rebecca and her fight against the bullies.

Zoe MamaZee Cox: Good on her. I suffered at school but not to that scale thankfully . Her parents taught her well to rise above it ... I think that’s how I would go about teaching my son .

Tarnall Lee Hallam: I wouldn’t tolerate bullying. I know how it is. It’s very difficult as we are not all bringing our kids up the same and some parents encourage tit for tat. I do not. I tell my kids to speak to a teacher at the first sign of trouble and to keep their nose clean

Sharon Richardson: She is a wonderful young lady and has many talents - considering everything she’s gone through she is quite an inspiration to everyone. Good luck with everything you do Rebecca xxx

John Lewis invest sensibly in revamp

The John Lewis store in Barkers Pool is to undergo a £1.3m facelift. The department store pulled out of a flagship tenancy in the proposed Sevenstone project earlier this year, when the retail scheme stalled. We asked if you thought that the new-look John Lewis store would help boost the city centre?

Comrade Door: My observation would be why on earth do stores like John Lewis persist in putting the toy department on the top floor? It just leads to the lifts being full of pushchair-wielding parents and screaming kids, preventing the elderly and infirm from moving around freely. I also await with interest the outcome of the jolly to the South of France to woo investors to Tombstone. If they were queuing up we would have been told by now.

damnblast: To be accurate, the criticism was not at the council for backing Hammerson’s plan for a shopping centre, it was for backing their plan for years and years after it was clearly a dead duck. Retail is a difficult world at the moment and I think the council would be best served holding on to what we already have rather than trying to grow its market and compete with Meadowhall. 
As John Lewis have made a modest sensible investment here on improvements, perhaps the council could do the same by improving the pedestrian areas of Pinstone Street and Cambridge Street to the standard of the Moor, then more shops might just take it upon themselves to invest in Sheffield.
If the council want to make sure John Lewis are on side, what about re-opening the foot tunnel under the Manpower building that they now lease, and doing a bit of a make-over on the subway under the ring road. That would link the Waitrose store better to the city centre.

Lodger: What this really means is John Lewis have no confidence in Sheffield City Council and their ability to develop the new “retail quarter”. They have decided they can wait no longer, so will do their own thing. I wonder why, after the Tombstone fiasco, we hear nothing about what progress the council are making. Mmmmm. 
Now the council say “it is hoped” work on a 600,000 square-foot retail and leisure quarter “somewhere in the city” will begin next summer. A development of this size, and the council have no idea yet where it’s going to be?
And the council wonder why investors are reluctant to come to Sheffield.

Charlie Farleigh: Well said Lodger!

seenitall: Actually parts of our city centre are really nice. I had lunch yesterday on a rather swish terrace and thought for a second or two that I was in New York.(and the nicer parts)

conradpoons: 2019 for the city centre – another half decade of pound shops, betting offices and tat. Well done Sheffield City Council.

Diana Elliott: It’s good news but it definitely won’t change the problems in the city centre!

Holly Alicia Dixon: It’ll not do anything to boost the city centre, I don’t think anything will boost the city centre.

We have a right to know what they do

David Blunkett’s phone was hacked by The News Of The World, former editor Andy Coulson has told the Old Bailey hacking trial.

We asked if press intrusion into the private lives of public officials ever justified. This is what you said:

Sandra Davies : Normally, I’d say we should keep our nose out of other people’s business, but since they are being paid for by us, the taxpayers, I think we have the right to know what they are up to while in our employ.