A warning to all landlords

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TWENTY people die every year from carbon monoxide poisoning and many more fall seriously ill from prolonged exposure to the deadly gas.

Unfortunately, it is more often the vulnerable, those who rely on landlords for the proper upkeep of their properties, who are the victims.

We have a high percentage of tenanted property owing to the inaccessibility of housing to our lowest income families.

Luckily for one Sheffield tenant, she escaped serious illness or death through the good work of Sheffield Council officers.

The owners of the property now face the prospect of going to jail for failing to ensure the safety of the tenant.

Let this story of good fortune serve as a warning to the vast numbers of landlords who let out their properties to tenants in our city.

How to end this obesity epidemic

WE’VE heard it all before - childhood obesity is at an epidemic level.

Health bosses say tackling it is a top priority because the number of Year Six children classed as obese is above the national average.

Which is all very well, but what has changed since the last time we heard this?

Earlier this year, The Star ran a week of features on obesity after the last set of figures showed childhood obesity was at a worrying level.

We heard the same public health musings about childhood obesity being a key priority and a number of services being put into place to support children.

But the fact is the problem is not going away and while we applaud success stories, there are too few of them.

The key is education. Encouraging healthy eating and exercise as lifestyle choices doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen in school thanks to subtle repetition.

So let’s invest in an education programme which plants the seed of this healthy lifestyle at the earliest opportunity.

A remarkable man

EVERY day, he walks the streets of Sheffield, with a smile on his face and a spring in his stride. No matter what the weather, John Burkhill is out there, raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

His latest feat is to have walked in every district of Sheffield. And that is no mean achievement bearing in mind this city is a geographical challenge for the motorist, never mind the pedestrian.

Congratulations John, you’re a remarkable man doing an outstanding service for a very worthwhile cause.