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A very big thank you to the two young people with me after my fall outside the lower ground entrance to John Lewis, Monday, August 3, 2015, approx 10.45am.

You were amazing and also got me help from inside the store.

The John Lewis Partners rang for the ambulance and contacted my husband.

They brought me water and a very comfy cushion to lean on as I sat on the pavement. I am very grateful to you all.

Then the ambulance crew took over, (I hope the driver has recovered from his fall, they have accidents too). After the paramedic got me in a stable condition, they took me to the Northern General. On our arrival a lovely young lady ambulance assistant, with super braided hair, informed me I still had some lipstick on, cheering me up through the pain, by saying that I was still presentable.

The hospital then took over with my care and indeed are still doing so, three months later, with physio appointments.

Thank you once again to all involved.

Liz Green