A third-rate city with little pride and almost no vision

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What an excellent analysis Monica (Retro, April 27) has made of the current malaise which is affecting our city.

Every councillor, whatever their political persuasion, as well as members of Sheffield council’s executive, starting with John Mothersole, should be sat down and made to read it and then asked what they intend doing about it and, more importantly, why have they allowed this to happen.

I believe Monica and I are of a similar age and we both originate from the same part of Sheffield.

We both lived our early childhood with a city centre where Blitz damage was everywhere.

We lived through rationing, real austerity, make do and mend as well as power cuts.

Consequently, the excitement and pride that Sheffielders had for their city, after post-war reconstruction was real.

This feeling of pride has been overtaken, especially in the last five years, by feelings of betrayal and hopelessness as Sheffield rapidly becomes a third- rate city, with little pride and few aspirations and almost no vision.

Worse still, is a view that its decision-makers can no longer be trusted to do what is best and right for the city and that what was once described as a “well- run” city is no longer true.

Well done, Monica.

Perhaps a few more home truths might work wonders.

D S Dalton

Westland Gardens, Sheffield, S20