A sad day for city

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I’ve supported Sheffield Wednesday all my life, witnessing many ups and downs. Yet like thousands, my love for the club is unconditional. However, the termination of Gary Megson’s contract has me questioning if Mandaric really appreciates the essence of being a Wednesday fan.

He may think he’s the only one who counts because he kept our club afloat but if we didn’t have a massive fan-base the bank and taxman would have closed us way long ago. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that he injected life into what once was a dead horse, but without us his money counts as nothing.

I’m sure I am not the only one to express just how upset I am at the termination of Mr Megson’s contract. I am extremely shocked and hurt by it. However, I trust that he has the interest of the club at heart. Regardless of promotion or not, I hope that he invests further in the team and gives the new manager time and money to progress our club forward, as we all want.

Paul Furniss, lifelong Wednesdayite

Milan Mandaric’s sacking of Gary Megson is a sad day for this city, when a ‘successful manager’ is treated in this way – particularly one so committed to his cause and club. After all Wednesday are in the promotion zone in a very difficult league, as all Blades will confirm.

Mandaric’s loyalties are to money only. I believe it very unlikely that SWFC only matters to make a big enough profit when he sells it on. He got it for very little and only wishes to get rid as soon as he can.

This is a city of red, white and blue, where people have always mattered, our sports teams have mattered and our ordinary values in life have mattered.

For years our men our women, have worked in the steel and other industries until they have dropped, often with little reward, but always with pride.

Mandaric has no idea how this city was forged. I firmly believe that Sheffield Wednesday Football Club and the City of Sheffield will be a better place for his departure.

John Redfern, lifelong Blade