A right to your opinion

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I’ve heard it all now! NP Johnson, Letters, The Star, Friday, December 4, starts his letter by calling a fellow correspondent’s words as a Europhobic rant, simply because he has a different opinion on the EU.

He also suggests we would isolate ourselves if were out of the EU. What rubbish! All that would happen is that we would be better off free of the rotten-to-the-core shackles of the EU and could then, among other things, trade with whoever we chose including, surprise, surprise, the EU.

What happened in Paris did also actually happen in London. Remember 7/7?

As for border checks to stop terrorists, the terrorists are already here as is being proven time and time again by arrests being made, so much for EU open border policy.

Further, I just cannot understand the logic of these pro-EU backers who try to scare people into believing everything, including the world, will end if we dare leave this corrupt club that costs us a £55 million-a-day membership fee, when actually we would be free to pick and choose who we deal with, just as many other countries already do without the problem of being shackled to one ideology of total ‘corruption’.

Obviously these europhiles and ‘ins’ have every right to their opinion, even if it happens to be totally wrong.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74