A quarter of Brits fell in love with their partner at first sight

A quarter of Brits fell in love with their partner at first sight
A quarter of Brits fell in love with their partner at first sight
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Do you believe in love at first sight? If you do it seems you’re not alone, as a poll by the developers of a dating app has revealed some interesting figures about Britain’s attitude to love.

The people behind dating app TrueView surveyed 500 people to discover what Brits really think about that most important of emotions. Firstly, when it comes to actually falling in love, most people believe you can’t literally make it happen. There’s no science behind it – at least, not according to the nearly 80 per cent of Brits, who believe you can’t use science to make someone fall in love with you (though this does mean that an optimistic 20 per cent or so of us believe you can!).

This is despite there being a series of 36 questions created by American psychologist Arthur Aron, who claims that if two strangers ask each other these, they are guaranteed to fall in love. We (more romantic) Brits are clearly reluctant to believe that true love can be boiled down to answering a few questions, or a mathematical equation.

No, for us, it’s the spiritual connection which counts; over three quarters of us believe that’s what happens when we meet the right person – something which transcends the mere everyday. That’s what set off poets like Wordsworth and Shelley composing sonnets all about flowers, clouds, and other lovey-dovey subjects, we assume...

And when we fall for someone, we fall hard – and quickly. Nearly a quarter of us knew we’d found The One the moment they set eyes on our partner, with a further 43 per cent realizing within just an hour. And 85 per cent of us are so in tune with our other half that we didn’t need to ask if they loved us; we both just knew.

When it comes to whispering those three magic words, you might think that women are more prone to declaring their feelings than men. But 65 per cent of men actually said ‘I love you’ first – showing they’re actually a lot more romantic than we probably give them credit for.