A proud day for city

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Elements beyond the organisers’ control proved the big challenge for yesterday’s runners.

Thankfully, nothing to do with the lack of water, but rather an icy wind that added to the challenge of the course’s uphill stretches.

But that was fine; hardy runners know there is nothing that you can do about the weather.

The organisation and the facilities were roundly praised, though.

Run for All, and sponsors PlusNet, brought a much-needed professionalism to the event.

Many of the 7,000 participants are veterans of amy half marathons and their expectation are high.

They weren’t disappointed. It was a well-run event that showed the city in a great light - that and the fantastic scenery that the new route took runners through.

Supporters were out in their droves too - despite the return of an Artic chill - cheering on the runners round every section of the course.

The atmosphere in a normally quiet city centre on a Sunday was fabulous too.

And as ever, the big beneficiaries are many charities. for which thousands are raised.

Well done to everyone.