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I AM appalled at the re-positioning of the Meadowhall staue. It should be brought into the city centre, into Fargate (opposite WHSmith) or further up. Failing that outside the Crucible.

Janet Birkhead

the statue should definitely be moved, preferably back inside Meadowhall where the Steel Men represented what used to be there.

My father, grandfather and great grandfather were steelworkers and I, like many others, felt a sense of pride every time I saw this beautiful work of art inside the mall.

Full marks to whoever erected it in the first place but shame on those who dumped it outside. Obviously not a Sheffielder and cannot understand the strength of feeling we all have for these Men of Steel. Put them back where they belong.

P Moorhouse, Chapeltown

I have lived in the area of Meadowhall for 50 years and remember the steelworks that were on the land that now houses the shopping centre. The statue is in memory of the steelworkers who worked at that steelworks and the statue needs to stay in that same area and not be moved to the city centre.

I was surprised when it was moved from inside because it had been there a long time, but I wouldn’t say it has been moved to a car park! Everyone has their favourite entrance to Meadowhall and I class where the statue is as a main Entrance.

When I am walking into Meadowhall I especially like to approach via the riverside and I am pleased with the way the entrance to what I still call the Oasis has been improved.

In summer there are always a lot of people outside and walkers passing by. The place where the Christmas tree was may have been my choice of an ideal spot for the statue. But the important thing is that it stays at Meadowhall and if the management feel the statue is in the best place then so be it!

Sheila Rimmington