A new cross-Pennine road is essential for Sheffield’s future

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I agree entirely with the sentiments expressed in Terry Hogan’s letter in The Star. It is a total cop-out to suggest that a motorway can’t be built because of environmental constraints.

The enclosed picture taken in the Rockies in British Columbia three years ago, in a much more scenic and wildlife-rich environment than the sheep-ravaged hills of the Woodhead Pass proves it.

A new road is totally and utterly essential to the future of Sheffield and South Yorkshire. It would put the area at the centre of a web with Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham and Derby within 40 miles plus good connections to east and west ports.

It’s a no-brainer. If they can blast a high speed rail link from Manchester to Leeds through the Pennines, what’s the problem?

When I go on holiday to the Lynn peninsular in North Wales, the only bit of road that is not dual carriageway is the bit between, you’ve guessed it, Manchester and Sheffield.

This is ludicrous! Are there any other two cities in western Europe of comparable size joined by such a pathetic and inadequate road? Definitely not.

We would have three large cities joined with the equivalent of the M25 making a mega city that could challenge Londonland.

Why are the local politicians, business men, and local media all silent and acquiescent while Leeds’ wish list has all the boxes ticked?

Do we just wait while South Yorkshire withers on the vine?

E Steele

by email