A new Arctic Monkeys banner has appeared in Sheffield - but it's not too complimentary

Alex Turner
Alex Turner
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Sheffield has always had a special place in its heart for Alex Turner and the Arctic Monkeys.

Fans across the city have proudly boasted of the band's roots since they shot to fame with their award-winning debut album in 2006.

Turner's unmistakable Sheffield accent and his lyrics referencing the city in 'Fake Tales of San Francisco' only helped to enhance his popularity here.

But, the front man has made no secret of the fact that he's left Sheffield, and the UK for that matter, behind to live in LA.

It was here, in the city that's 'built of rock 'n' roll' according to Turner, that the band produced their fifth studio album back in 2013.

The Sheffield band made their long awaited musical return this month with their album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

Fans and critics have reacted with mixed reviews to the album which was again largely written and recorded in LA, as well as London and Paris.

And it seems that some fans in Sheffield have become slightly perturbed by Turner's continued American love affair.

A new banner has appeared on Hunter's Bar roundabout seemingly mocking the 32-year-old's choice of living arrangements.

The banner reads 'Hey Alex, How's California' with a coffin with the letters RIP written over the top of this.

The message and location of the banner seems to be in reference to the band's early hit 'Fake Tales of San Francisco'.

In the song Turner sings 'He talks from San Francisco, he's from Hunter's Bar/ I don't quite know the difference but I'm sure that's far'.

So, has Sheffield been irked by Alex Turner's new LA lifestyle and new musical approach?