A message of hope and joy

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THE story of David and Debbie Billard’s struggle to bring a family into this world is at once uplifting and filled with hope for others.

For when David was diagnosed with leukaemia, it seemed that their dreams may never be fulfilled, with the devastating effect chemotherapy can have.

And despite having his sperm frozen before treatment started, the couple discovered it was not suitable for IVF treatment.

Determined not to be put off, they went in search of a sperm donor. But that road was a difficult one, with nine cycles of IVF treatment and several miscarriages before Debbie gave birth to their first child Joseph.

Now the couple are celebrating their complete family with three healthy children, all from the same donor.

Their happiness is clear to see. And their message is equally clear.

Without a donor, there would be no family and there is a shortage of supply.

Health chiefs are appealing for more men to come forward to help to give the gift of life to those less fortunate than themselves.

It could be the greatest gift you make in your life – and make someone else’s life complete.

Take health and safety seriously

HEALTH and safety regulations are often the butt of many jokes and the source of much frustration.

But in the workplace, they serve a valuable role in guiding safe working practices and preventing serious injury or loss of life.

Despite these, six people died at work in South Yorkshire last year and 625 suffered life-changing injuries.

In addition, more than 2,000 people suffered injuries requiring notification to the health and safety executive.

Their message is unequivocal, that employers have a duty of care to their workers.

And it is a reciprocal arrangement. if companies have put in place safeguards, then it is the duty of workers not to ignore them in order to carry out their work more easily.

Don’t give up

IT is that time of year where people have woken up and made a pledge to alter their lives in some way.

Mostly, it revolves around fitness and health.

Today, we have put together a useful guide to help get you started.

But all the professional advice is to be realistic about your goals and if you slip, then don’t abandon hope, just restart with a new resolve. Good luck.