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George Michael has decided it’s time he told the world; it’s over with his partner Kenny Goss.

Like A. The whole world actually cares any more.

And B. The Faith-ful who did stick by the fallen talent hadn’t guessed.

Only in March, he was angrily denying rumours of the split. Nothing more than careless whispers.

Now he’s admitting that, actually, they parted some two and a half years ago.

At a concert launching his European tour this week, fans witnessed a man publicly regretting his mistakes. The 25-joint-a-day cannabis habit and the drugged-up driving, mainly - and his loss of Goss.

What he didn’t refer to, though, was his Wham, bam, thank you, man attitude to sex. He always claimed his cruising for anonymous encounters did not affect his relationship with Kenny.

Well, the writing was on the toilet wall, I’d say.