A lost chance to celebrate

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THE Star has stepped in to kick-start the Jubilee celebrations in the absence of any activity coming from the council.

While neighbouring councils in Doncaster, Barnsley and Rotherham put on some form of civic celebration acknowledging the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, we were disappointed to learn that nothing was being planned in Sheffield.

So this newspaper teamed up with the Beauchief Hotel and gave a right royal party for 11 couples who were also celebrating 60 years – of marriage together.

This weekend and Bank Holiday break will see thousands of people host parties and celebrations in recognition of the Queen.

It would not have taken much for the council to have done the same – it is just a shame that an opportunity to lead the city’s celebrations was lost – especially at a time when people are looking for a reason to party.

How the council spends to save

AT first glance, spending £410,000 on consultants in a month seems difficult to justify.

But Sheffield Council’s decision to hire these advisers is likely to make financial sense in the long run.

Some of this money went to management consultants whose task was to review what managerial posts the council needs.

The common perception is that the council has too many managers.

Now it is reviewing this situation and consultants from outside the authority are far more likely to see room for efficiencies.

No doubt £73,000 seems like a lot in these austere times.

But front-line services are what the council should concentrate on and if this sum means a library is saved, a classroom is kept stocked or a road is repaired, then it is money well spent.

What a beginning

YOUR response to our Help Build The Hospice campaign has been fast and fantastic.

In just over two weeks, you have already clocked up £5,000 which will help transform and modernise St Luke’s Hospice.

The donations have been both big and small, but all are meaningful as we aim for a target of £100,000.

The Star knows you can help us achieve this and such a splendid start confirms our faith.

Let us build on this promising beginning and give the Sheffield hospice the facilities it needs.