A long holiday without money

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I’ve just lost my sympathy for teachers.

And it’s got nothing to do with the fact that millions of working mothers had to either take a day off, or beg yet another favour from family when strikes closed schools yesterday.

I’ll tell you why; a friend of my son’s landed what she hoped would be her foot in the door of the classroom in January.

A graduate with a qualification to teach, she knew jobs were scarce and was elated when she got a temporary post covering a teacher’s maternity leave.

After almost seven months’ hard slog, she was looking forward to the paid summer holiday break. Only, the woman she was covering for decided to come back to work on the last school day in July – so that she was the one who would get the holiday pay.

No doubt, the new mother has bills to pay. But she’s working the system – and selfishly depriving the teacher who stood in for her.