A lament to the loss of democracy in Sheffield

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Councillors, Councillors have you gone mad?

Intent on destroying the history we had

Shops which have character will face the chop

The same with old trees, when will this stop?

Over thirty five thousand people say you are wrong

At this rate, you won’t keep your jobs very long!

A visiting friend ruefully shook her head

“Have you been down the Moor, it’s become so dead

There’s giant green mushrooms outside the Town Hall

And ear-splitting skate-boards hitting the wall”

I could be wrong but tell me please

Shouldn’t peace gardens be there for peace?

The folk in the market all look pretty down

Is it because it’s the wrong side of town?

She moved down the Moor to find a seat

Hoping to rest her tired old feet

But yet another nasty shock

She found the benches were made of rock

The streets are littered, and it was hard to park

I said “look on the bright side, we’re getting Primark!

And they’re going to revamp The Moor”

“Sorry” she said “I’ve heard that one before”

She said “let’s go to Leeds it’s not very far”

But this plan was spoilt when she opened “The Star”

“They can’t do this! She cried in horror

Rustlings Road trees could be felled tomorrow”

Those lovely large limes from my happy childhood

Is Sheffield hell-bent on destroying what’s good?

We’ve both heard Sheffield’s praises sung

Because this green city is great for the young

So why strip an asset which draws folk here?

I scratched my head ’cos I’m not too clear

If trees are diseased it may be right

But if they’re not, then we should fight

To save our green city before it’s too late

And the trees are left to their awful fate

Then I had an idea to save the day

“We’ll go to SORT’s Council meeting, they’ll find a way”

But some councillors close both an eye and an ear

When a lengthy petition comes anywhere near

We heard some councillors stifle a yawn

Loud whispers and rustles and a text on the phone

What a foolish arrogant attitude,

Talking over SORT’s speaker was terribly rude

I voted Labour for 40 years

But their antics bring me close to tears

Councillors do you really care?

It’s we the public put you there

To dismiss large petitions is a bad idea

We all vote again in less than a year

And if there’s a moral to this letter

Change is not always for the better

I don’t suppose it could be that

SORT’s main supporters are Lib Democrat?

Sheffield is a lovely city

But some Labour actions are a pity

We appreciate all that Sheffield’s worth

And its friendly folk are the “salt of the earth”

So councillors please don’t fell those trees

We desperately need a tree reprieve!

Ex-Labour Voter, SORT Supporter, Save Our Rustlings Trees

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