A Jolie time for B2B Jen

Jennifer Aniston.
Jennifer Aniston.
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Oh for goodness’ sake.

Jennifer Aniston, heroine of SO many girl meets boy rom-coms,is finally getting married again at the age of 43 - and everyone’s raining on her wedding day parade.

The talk in Hollywood is she’s timed the announcement of her engagement to the hugely handsome Justin Theroux just so that she pips her former love rival, Anjelina Jolie, to the church.

Rumours abound that Jolie is finally about to marry Brad Pitt, the man she stole from Aniston,

Leave the woman alone, can’t you? Ever since the humiliation and heartbreak of her husband getting jiggy with Jolie, she’s had to live in Angelina’s shadow.

For seven years the two have been pitted against each other (’scuse the pun) like a pair of American bulldogs. All aspects of their life have been compared.

In all probability, Aniston realised she was better off without a cheat and moved on emotionally a long time ago.

This is her moment; she should be allowed the joy without Jolie.