A hem -why wear skirt?

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Who wears the trousers in your office?

Either a man, or a woman highly unlikely to get to the top, apparently.

Wearing a skirt gets women more status at work, according to new research.

UK researchers asked 500 people to make snap judgements of women photographed first in a navy trouser suit, then in a skirt suit. The ones in the navy skirts were deemed more confident and successful.

Is this a kick in the pants for the old adage that to take on the men, you had to dress like one?

Could it be that femininity is finally being seen as a major attribute? Have we finally won the battle of the sexes?

Before you get too excited, still-shocking statistics on pay inequality say otherwise, lady.

And so all the hugely capable women whose potential is continually overlooked at work regardless of what they wear - because their bosses are still conditioned to think that the best man for the job is rarely a woman.

If you love wearing skirts and people are daft enough to think you’re brainier and more competent because of it, then you carry on.

But for God-sakes, shouldn’t we be able to wear whatever we like to work, provided it’s smart and appropriate, without being judged?