'A great city but with lousy roads'- anger at Sheffield's street surfaces

Deerlands Avenue
Deerlands Avenue
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Readers of The Star have had their say about last week's article claiming that Deerlands Avenue in Parson Cross could be the 'worst road in Sheffield'.

Many badly surfaced roads have been suggested as contenders to Deerlands Avenue including Worrall Road, Psalter Lane, Campo Lane, Archer Road and Fox Hill Crescent.

Stephen Clough and other Facebook users spoke up about the patchwork of potholes on sections of Gleadless Road.

Mr Clough said: "It's like driving on a cobbled street with half the cobbles missing. My car has been damaged so many times due to this."

Chris Wood added that driving on Wadsley Lane and Rivelin Valley Road 'has cost me three shock absorbers and two alloy wheel replacements in the last five years.'

Many Star readers commented that side roads used by few people seem to be prioritised for resurfacing instead of the city's busy main roads.

On Facebook Martin Pasley said: "Sheffield Parkway town-bound going past Morrisons is shocking. National speed limits apply if you're brave enough."

Hazel Sharp is anxious that potholes on Furnace Lane at Woodhouse Mill could cause an accident.

She said: "My grandson has to cycle down it. It's a constant worry that he will hit a pothole and get thrown off."

Chris France supported the claims in Wednesday's article.

He said: "Deerlands Avenue is the worst road I have ever seen - three miles of pothole hell. I went on it for my driving lesson and we were both like Jim Carrey in the scene from Ace Ventura when he is bouncing all over the place."

Perhaps Dennis Lindley spoke the most sense. He said Sheffield is 'a great city but with lousy roads'.

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