A friendly smile makes the world of difference

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I felt I had to write to say I have been buying The Star for so many years I don’t want to count.

I have seen many changes, both in Sheffield and the headlines.

But I want to say a big well done to the young man at the shop of Orchard News in Orchard Square.

I first noticed The Star sign outside a few months ago and went in as I didn’t realise the old GT had reopened.

Since then I have been a regular and that’s where I get my Star.

Not only is he friendly and polite he always makes time to talk to his customers and offer a friendly ear, even though he is busy and works extremely long hours.

In a world that’s busy and amid headlines of crime in our city, he is a refreshing example of hope, that a lot of our youngsters could do well to follow.

Hard graft and a friendly face are worth applauding and if more people could follow his lead the world would be a better place.

There are a lot of young people who are troubled and lost, I understand, but he is a shinning example of working hard, having respect and building on whatever talents you have and we all have talents, in this ever- changing world.

I would like to say thank you to a young man who gives a taste of the old school, where a smile and how are you? make a world of difference and costs nothing.

C Morgan