A fine mess resolved

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Common sense has won the day with nearly 1,000 drivers being refunded fines by Sheffield City Council.

The fines relate to a bus gate on London Road where signs were left up mistakenly around the clock for a month while roadworks were taking place.

However, it took the intervention of The Star to bring action from the council and the onus is still on the drivers to get in touch once they receive a letter.

Receiving a fine for driving when you’re in the wrong can be frustrating enough. At least you have the knowledge that you could have done something to prevent it, though, when that occurs.

But to have a letter drop on your doormat when you are complying with road signs to the letter of the law is particularly annoying.

From time-to-time these cases appear and it always requires a lot of patience by the wronged parties to gain a satisfactory response. In this instance The Star was able to help and raise awareness of the situation but it does make you wonder how long it would have taken for the error to have been spotted and resolved.

All efforts must be made in the future to make sure drivers aren’t wrongly penalised again.