A&E is full because you can’t see GP

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Reading the front page of the Star today, I just had to write to you. To me it is obvious why the A&E is packed out and not meeting targets.

Because you cannot get to see your GP. Most surgeries seem to have the same rules. Ring at half eight, if you ring at 8.29 you will get a message service, one minute later and it is engaged. Keep ringing on redial, some times for an hour and when the receptionist answers, all appointments for that day are gone.“Please try tomorrow”.

What about if you are really feeling ill? Go to the walk-in centre, you are told. I do not want to go to the walk-in service, I want to see my GP.

The walk-in centre is a very good thing for some things, but far away for some people, and not everyone has a car. It is easy to think, I might as well go to hospital.

The last time I needed to see my GP, although it was not an emergency, I needed to see him. I was given an appointment 17 days away.

Does anyone agree with me?

They are telling us that surgeries are going to be open longer hours, but where are they getting more doctors from to do this?

Most of them seem fed up too when you see them being interviewed.


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