A disaster for animal welfare

Lady's Bridge seen from beneath
Lady's Bridge seen from beneath
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I return from holiday to hear that Jim Paice, the Minister for Hunting and Animal Welfare, won’t prosecute some slaughterhouse thugs who tormented pigs because the filming was done without permission. His attitude is contrary to CPS guidance and contrary to common sense.

How else could such evidence have been obtained?

I recall that Mr Paice:

wants to defy Parliament’s wish to ban ‘wild’ circus-animals;

rejected Labour’s promise to ban battery cages in which 40 million pheasants and partidges are bred for shooting;

dropped a promise of more vets at cattle-markets;

wants badgers killed;

wants the Hunting Act repealed.

I wonder if people realise what a disaster the coalition has been for animal welfare.

Mike Maas, S6

Shed-loads of money

For the past 25 years I have been employed by the NHS in Sheffield and can honestly say I have always enjoyed my job.

However, things are changing with cost-cutting measures being put in place that are mind boggling.

The latest idea is to downgrade staff but, surprise, surprise, this does not involve the higher-paid managers, but the lower-paid staff, ie admin, clerical, support workers etc.

If this comes in place I would lose more than £2,500 per year. I currently earn £16,500 so I wouldn’t be able to live. With mortgage and bills to pay I’d be left with nothing as every penny is accounted for.

I agree that savings do have to be made but why start at the bottom? The managers who are making these suggestions earn six- and seven-fold my salary, some even more.

The amount I would lose would be a drop in the ocean to them. Let them give up their lease/company cars or all the other perks.

Shed-loads of money would be saved if this happened.

In the job climate of today I am lucky to be employed but all what is being suggested is totally unfair.

The managers should be ashamed of themselves making their staff feel so unhappy and worried.

Dismayed NHS Worker,


Give them good dose of prison

A Barlow (Aug 17) hit the nail right on the head! The thugs who rioted and those who encouraged them deserve a good dose of prison - and in a proper prison, not a glorified reception centre.

The do-gooders who parade themselves as the custodians of scum who think they can run riot, loot and burn property should ask themselves how would they feel if they’d been looted, burnt or murdered.

And if they say I’d still stick up for their human rights, call them liars.

When a local radio station runs a programme asking if sentences are too severe for these pieces of trash, decent law abiding people have to ask who sticks up for us?

Let’s stick up for ourselves and tell the bearded brigade to go and find never-never land and buy a house there.


Lady’s Bridge seen from beneath

Lady’s Bridge taken from under the bridge itself.

You can see vaulting that is the original Lady’s Bridge, built in 1485 and which did have a chapel built on it dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

I’m indebted to two young men, Gareth and Alec who are working on re-pointing the bridge and who took took the picture for me.

I’m chuffed to bits with the result. On some photos they took, you can see dates that were chiselled on by workmen in past years along with their initials.

I reckon nobody else in Sheffield has these photos except perhaps The Star and Sheffield Archives.

I’ve known about the dates and initials on the stones for years but I couldn’t get under the bridge to get a snap.

But now I’m as happy as Larry. And it’s all thanks to two young men.

Vin Malone