A day in the life of a foster carer: the hidden heroes of the Doncaster community

This week will see the launch of a new campaign to celebrate the hidden heroes of the Doncaster community '“ local foster carers.

Wednesday, 28th February 2018, 2:28 pm
Updated Wednesday, 28th February 2018, 2:30 pm

Working with Trust Fostering, the fostering service run by the recently Ofsted rated ‘Good’ Doncaster Children’s Services Trust, local carers will be sharing their stories as part of the ‘day in the life’ campaign which officially launches on Thursday, March 1.

Doncaster Children’s Services Trust Chief Executive, Paul Moffat said: “Although as a Trust we celebrate the contributions of our foster carers, we feel very strongly that they deserve even more recognition and time in the limelight. After all, our carers give children and young people the support and kindness they need to grow up as happy and healthy as possible.”

“This campaign aims to share their stories in their words; sharing the ups and downs of foster care and hopefully encouraging other likeminded members of the public to consider opening up their home to a child or young person who needs it.”

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Sharing their stories online, in the press and at events, Trust Fostering carers are aiming to tell the world about how they are making a difference to children and young people in the town and what being a foster carer is really like.

Just one of the foster carers involved in the campaign, Julie Bostock, said: “Over our time providing foster care we have had the chance to help very vulnerable children to blossom and learn to trust again; giving them a loving and caring family and a supportive home.”

“We don’t do this for recognition, but want to let people know what being a foster carer is like and encourage others to come forward and take up the incredibly rewarding role.”

People from all backgrounds can make great carers, regardless of marital status, sexuality, race or religion. All that is required is at least one spare bedroom, an enthusiastic and passionate attitude and the time and patience for dealing with children and young people.

The campaign will run across the Trust Fostering Facebook and Twitter accounts, with information also being shared by the Doncaster Free Press, Trax FM and Hallam FM to show the diversity of foster families and the reality of being a foster carer.

Julie added: “If you’re thinking about fostering, please give it a go. Every child deserves to live in a caring and loving home; you could be the difference in their life.”

Find out more about joining the Trust Fostering family, and further details of the campaign, by visiting www.trustfostering.co.uk or calling the Trust’s friendly team on 0808 129 2600.