A 25 metre swimming pool is just not needed

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Regarding your piece about a new swimming pool and leisure centre to be built in High Green, I don’t think anybody really cares where the money is coming from.

I feel that as one of the taxpayers keeping this country afloat it’s about being realistic.

The centre that the story is referring to sounds like the Stocksbridge sports centre which already has a 25 metre pool as well as a smaller learning pool.

It also has a very large and well equipped sports hall, four squash courts, a gym and the largest indoor bowling green in South Yorkshire.

So why don’t the powers-that-be with their degrees and years of education spend a fraction of the f£5 million and fix the pool in Stocksbridge and build an Astro Turf sports field, instead of isolating a community that had a huge part in giving Sheffield its name?

I recently took my boy swimming, including the cost of public transport to Hillsborough.

It cost me £9 to swim in a very overcrowded cold pool in Hillsborough.

I was travelling for over an hour with a long walk as well.

I could have used my car, but I can never get parked due to the lack of parking space.

Again someone with a degree thought it would be a good idea to build Hillsborough lesiure centre in an overcrowded area .

Who’s the clever people of this city, the ones running it or the ones who write in all the time to tell you facts like these?