90 dogs are abandoned by their owners in Doncaster

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Staff at Doncaster kennels are urging people to think twice before abandoning their pets, after a surge of cases.

Over the festive period approximately 90 dogs have been abandoned across the borough by their owners, leaving local dog kennels unable to cope with the number of unwanted pets brought in.

The Mount Pleasant kennels took in 52 stray dogs in December on behalf of Doncaster Council, the Mayflower Sanctuary rescued 15, and the RSPCA branch in Bawtry took in 26.

Alex Hearn, branch development manager at RSPCA Bawtry, said they had been ‘inundated’ with abandoned dogs this Christmas.

She said: “I think it’s because of the recession. People can’t afford to keep their pets any more.

“We are full to capacity and have 40 people on the waiting list, so for every dog that gets adopted there’s one or two other dogs waiting to take its place.”

The kennel manager at Mayflower Dogs Sanctuary, Hannah Briggs, said owners need to consider what a big commitment having a dog can be.

She said: “We’ve definitely had more dogs this Christmas than before. People need to think ‘Can I afford the vet bills, do I really have time to look after this dog?’.”

Over 600 dogs were abandoned in Doncaster last year, putting a huge strain on dog kennels across the borough.

Stray dogs found in Doncaster are taken to the Mount Pleasant Kennels in Hampole, on behalf of the council, which only has the capacity to care for approximately 100 dogs at a time.

Assistant director of trading services and assets at Doncaster Council Dave Wilkinson said: “It is very sad that 52 abandoned dogs were brought to the Hampole Kennels during December – and many of these during the festive week.

“While a quarter of these have been reclaimed by owners, there are still many that need re-homing.

“We would urge anyone with the time, money and energy to spare to keep a dog to visit the Hampole kennels.”