£90,000 raised in support of cancer-stricken Sheffield mum in just six days

Eilish Jennings, pictured with partner Simon Hobson and children Billy and Tom, both two, and Elise, four.
Eilish Jennings, pictured with partner Simon Hobson and children Billy and Tom, both two, and Elise, four.
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More than £90,000 has been pledged in support of a Sheffield mum-of-three who is desperate to see her children grow up after being told her cancer had returned and cannot be cured.

Eilish Jennings, of Norfolk Park, was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2016 when 34 weeks pregnant with twins and went on to have a double mastectomy and was told the treatment had been successful.

But she was dealt the devastating blow that cancer had returned on March 21 - the second birthday of her twin boys - and was told it was something the NHS couldn't cure.

Her devoted partner Simon Hobson launched a Facebook fundraising campaign to help raise £300,000 to fund treatment abroad and £90,000 has flooded in, in just six days.

Simon, 40, said: "The response has been brilliant but we've not really stopped to think about it much. With the kids being there and Elise being four, she picks up on a lot so we haven't thought about it too much.

"I have contacted as many people I know who have a bit of clout and it seems to have took off a bit. The £90,000 has been raised without any actual fundraising events as well. I think we'll now start to get fewer donations but of larger amounts as events are held to raise money."

Eilish, 36, a teaching assistant at Monteney Primary School, said she was seeking treatment not available on the NHS so that she could see her children grow up.

She added: "This treatment could keep the cancer at bay, there are patients who continue to live long, good lives. But ultimately I just want more time, time with my beautiful children Elise, Billy and Tom and, of course, Simon.

"I'm not ready to leave my children without a mother and I ask from the bottom of my heart and for the future of my wonderful family, please can everyone support, fundraise, donate and help me secure the treatment we so desperately need?"

Simon said: "Eilish is doing well and the support is a massive help. I have got a lot of friends in Sheffield and have grown up in Sheffield and want to thank everyone who has donated."

For more information on the campaign or to donate visit www.facebook.com/donate/148027549360848/ or www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/eilishjennings