83-year-old Sheffield man who spent FOUR DAYS on bedroom floor after collapsing recovering in hospital

Police officers with the 83-year-old man (s)
Police officers with the 83-year-old man (s)
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An 83-year-old man has been rescued by South Yorkshire Police officers after collapsing and spending four days on his bedroom floor.

A friend of the elderly man contacted police when he became concerned that he had not heard from him in four days.

South Yorkshire Police officers arrived at the man's address but there was no reply to their knocking.

After seeing his bathroom light on, officers contacted the man's neighbours and were able to get hold of a spare key.

When officers entered the flat, they found the 83-year-old collapsd on his bedroom floor before he told officers that he'd been there for four days.

Paramedics and the Fire and Rescue Service were called to help the man out of his house and take him to hospital where he is now recovering.