71 year old cancer survivor goes on the run for Sheffield 10K

Runners at the 2017 Sheffield 10K
Runners at the 2017 Sheffield 10K
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A 71 year old breast cancer survivor is gearing up to run the Sheffield 10K on September 23.

Fran McClean was treated for breast cancer in the 1990s and will be running for Prostate Cancer Research after an ex-partner was diagnosed with the disease.

The keen cyclist started to swap her bike for trainers in January when she returned to running after almost 20 years.

Fran, who moved to Sheffield three years ago, said: “I was enthused by hearing a few of my cycling friends talking about Parkrun. I didn’t think my knees would put up with it but so far they have.

“I’d really forgotten just how much I loved running and how good it is for one’s mental health. I’m running Sheffield 10k for a personal challenge, just to see if I can.”

Fran’s ex partner was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and is now undergoing hormonal treatment and chemotherapy.

She added: “I want to do something practical to help in addition to attending hospital appointments with him.

“Their mission statement is to find better treatment and ultimately a cure for this horrible disease.

“ I myself was treated for breast cancer over 20 years ago and I think I’m right in saying prostate cancer is even more prevalent.”

Fran has previously cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

She said: “We all know people affected and it’s important to all of us that we find improved treatments so that more people can be as fortunate as I have been.”

Sign up for the 10K at www.runforall.com