5 Sheffield gems you may have missed from ITV's The Real Full Monty

Shiregeen Club - Picture Credit: ITV
Shiregeen Club - Picture Credit: ITV
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ITV's The Real Full Monty hit the screens last night and eagle-eyed Sheffield viewers picked out a few local landmarks.

Famously, the original film was set in Sheffield and the celebrities return here for a dress performance at Shiregreen Working Men's Club.

However, there were a few other notable Sheffield references and sights that you may have missed from last night.

1. The sign to Chesterfield

We're told that the lads are being taken to rehearse in Sheffield so Ashley can "push them further".

But, viewers hoping the first Sheffield sight will be a key landmark like The Peace Gardens are sadly disappointed.

The lads drive down the motorway and we're greeted with the familiar signpost A617 signpost to Chesterfield.

2. The Wicker

In fact, the first Sheffield landmark viewers are treated to is a quick shot of the Wicker.

It's not the first time the street has found stardom as it was used for the hit-film Four Lions in 2009.

3 Skye Edge

In the film, the six men are put through their paces on the Skye Edge park, near the Hyde Park Terrace and Manor Oakes Gardens.

The men have a game of football as Steve Harley's Make Me Smile plays in the background.

On this occasion, the celebrities return to the park for a quick game of keepy-uppys and a bit of team bonding.

4. Tapton Hall

Before they head to Shiregreen Working Men's Club, the celebrities are put up in a plush Sheffield hotel to prepare themselves for the test ahead.

The hotel they stay in is no other than the beautiful Tapton Hall on Shore Lane in Crosspool.

5. No Job Centre

Although the celebrities play a much-loved visit to Shiregreen Working Men's Club, there was sadly no visit to the Job Centre.

The Job Centre on West Street at Bailey Lane plays a pivotal role in the film.

Although it's meant to be where the lads' practice routine livens up in the dole queue, this is in fact filmed at Sheffield Boxing Centre on Burton Street.

However, the exterior of the centre in the film is the real deal and it would have been great to see the celebs make a quick trip down there.