5 interesting things about Burns night. When is Burns Night? Who was Robert Burns?

Have you ever wondered where Burns night originated from?

Friday, 22nd December 2017, 10:13 am
Updated Monday, 1st January 2018, 7:35 am
Robert Burns

1.When is Burns Night?

January 25th.

2. Who was Robert Burn?

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A famous Scottish poet. He died in 1796, but the holiday celebrating his life has become a huge event. He wrote over 200 poems in his life time and is largely regarded as the national poet of Scotland. His most famous poem is Auld Lang Syne, which the world sings every New Years Eve. But interesting he did not invent this song, he was just the first person to document the old Scottish tale: through out history he has been falsely accredited with this accolade .

3. How do you celebrate Burns Night?

The poet is celebrated nation wide. With live poetry readings and a whole lot of haggis. There is also the option of wearing a kilt and drinking quite a lot of whisky.

4. Do you need to eat haggis on Burns Night?

No, surprisingly haggis is not the only traditional food served on the night. So if you can't stomach the Scottish delicacy then don't fret. Why not try a Scottish Broth.

5. Are there any unusual traditions?

Yes, memory toasts. This is when a member of the dinner party stands up and gives a toast in the name of Robert Burns. Men will often take the role of women in the Burn's poems which leads to laughter and folly.