£468,000 to help councils change voting registration

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Councils in South Yorkshire have been given more than £468,000 to help pay for a ‘ground-breaking’ change to the Electoral Register.

The Government has given the money to help local authorities with the extra costs involved in switching to Individual Electoral Registration.

Funding will cover the cost of a data matching process to ensure most people transfer automatically on to the new electoral register.

The money will also cover other costs such as writing to people to tell them they will need to register.

In South Yorkshire, Sheffield will receive £237,247, Doncaster is to get £113,188, Rotherham £64,580 and Barnsley £53,694.

The new system replaces the current process where one person per household can fill in the names of everyone eligible to vote.

The Government believes the new system will make electoral fraud harder - but critics, who include South Yorkshire Labour MPs, are concerned it could lead to fewer people being registered.

Greg Clark, minister for cities and the constitution, said: “We are on track to modernise registration to tackle electoral fraud and increase public trust in elections, which is at the heart of our democracy.”