£44k investment to reduce flooding

Cross section of the storage sewer laid in Hatfield
Cross section of the storage sewer laid in Hatfield
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The risk of sewer flooding in Hatfield has been significantly reduced following the completion of a £440,000 investment by Yorkshire Water.

The water company is now turning to customers for help to reduce the risk further, asking them not to put unsuitable materials into the sewerage network.

More than 140 meters of storage sewer have been laid under Cuckoo Lane - enough to hold 3,500 bathtubs of water.

The area has been known to flood during times of extreme rainfall, when the sewers are unable to cope with the sudden increase in water levels.

The storage sewer, now operational, will store this excess storm water and hold it until it’s safe for it to be released back into the local sewerage network.

Yorkshire Water project manager Dominic Cunney said: “Customers in the area have been incredibly supportive and patient whilst this vital work has been going on so we’d like to say a big thank-you to them.”

For further information on how and where you should dispose of items appropriately visit yorkshirewater.com/dirty.