£400 tax to get £4,500 rebate

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THE caller informed Tony Rogers he was due a £4,500 rebate on his insurance – but he had to pay £400 tax to release it.

Tony, aged 65, played along and was instructed to buy a ‘ukash’ voucher for £400.

It comes with a code that allows people to send money or make internet payments.

When Tony, of Shirecliffe, later informed the caller he had the voucher he was told a solicitor was on the way to give him a cheque – but could he read out the £400 payment code first.

Tony said: “I hung up and got the number from 1471.

“The caller was from London. I gave the police the details.”

When Action Desk called the number a woman said she worked at Quick Finance in London.

A South Yorkshire police spokesman said inquiries are ongoing and nobody had been arrested at this stage.

He said: “Officers will meet Mr Rogers to provide advice about this incident.”