27 reasons why Henderson's Relish is the greatest thing from Sheffield ever - PICTURES

Everyone already knows how amazing Sheffield's famous Henderson's Relish is - but it doesn't harm to remind everyone just how brilliant the city's number one export is.

Monday, 8th April 2019, 12:51 pm
Updated Monday, 8th April 2019, 12:54 pm
Henderson's Relish

So here's 27 reasons why Hendo's is Sheffield's number one - and why we can't get enough of it.

You can now get cans of beer made using Hendo's - is that not the best thing ever?
In 2002, art student Emma Molloy had a bath of Henderson's Relish - complete with a bag of chips.

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The original factory is an iconic Sheffield landmark.
Sheffield troops serving in Afghanistan had bottles shipped out specially by the factory.
Sheffield singer songwriter Richard Hawley (pictured with former Owls ace David Prutton) has had special bottles made to promote his albums.
A plan has been put forward to turn the old factory into pub - but at the moment, it has yet to come to fruition.
Despite the similar bottles and liquid colour, Hendo's is NOT Worcestershire sauce. There's no anchovies in the Sheffield brew for a start.
Baby Henderson, who was born earlier this year, was named after the Relish because his Sheffield dad is such a fan.
A special gold bottle was made to commemorate Sheffield's Jesscia Ennis-Hill winning gold at the London 2012 Olympics.
Comedian Tom Wrigglesworth that while outsiders think the condiment is Sheffield's answer to Worcestershire sauce, Sheffielders think Hendo's is the answer to everything.
Pies, stews, casseroles, chips - what's your favourite food to douse in the black stuff?
Hendo's on holiday? Pack a travel sized bottle in your case!
When Sheffield MP David Blunkett appeared on The F Word, he introduced the sauce to acclaimed TV chef Gordon Ramsay.
Lewisham MP Jim Dowd saw Hendo's in a pub in London and thought it was a Worcestershire sauce rip off - a tour of the factory made him eat his words.
Sheffield rockers Def Leppard are such fans they take bottles with them when they are touring the world.
Old bottles still turn up from time to time - and this is what they used to look like.
There's many Sheffield folk who's succumbed to a Relish tattoo, so strong is the love for the condiment.
Sheffield's Everly Pregnant Brothers recorded a song about it. Called Hendo's, its to the tune of Coldplay's Yellow.
The design has changed a bit over the years, but that distinctive orange label lives on.
Hendo's is so popular, that the sign on the side of the factory once got pinched. It was later restored.
Blades and Owls versions of Hendo's have been produced - here's late Sheffield comic Bobby Knutt showing off the footy specials.
In World Cup years, the factory has churned out special themed football bottles, decked out with flags.
Relish is now made at a site off the Parkway, but this will always be the spiritual home of Henderson's.
In 2013, artist Neil Antcliff created a series of portraits of famous Sheffielders painted with Relish.
Largely unheard of outside Yorkshire, its a little taste of home for people across the globe who get it shipped out worldwide.
Sheffield artist Pete McKee has used Henderson's for inspiration for several of his paintings.
Need we say anymore than that this is possibly the most Sheffield thing ever?