228 cyclists crash on Sheffield tram tracks in two years

Cycling on tram tracks in Sheffield
Cycling on tram tracks in Sheffield
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Hundreds of cyclists have crashed because of Sheffield tram tracks in the last two years, prompting calls better bike lanes in the city.

According to campaign group Cycle Sheffield, at least 228 cyclists have crashed due to tram lines last two years – equivalent to nine accidents every month.

The group, who have launched a website for people to report such accidents, say many of the riders have sustained serious injuries as a result.

Ian Carey, chair of Cycle Sheffield, said: “Trams are an important part of Sheffield’s public transport system but sadly the issue of cycle accidents on the tram tracks is a major problem that must be tackled.

“Existing cycle infrastructure is poor, which discourages too many people from using their cycles on the roads of Sheffield.

“We want short­ term fixes like cycle paths around the back of tram platforms to avoid the narrowing road.

“In the long term a high quality cycle network including segregated cycle paths on main roads will encourage more journeys by cycle and stop people having to share the road with tram tracks.”

Kay Guccione had an accident as she approached Bamforth Street tram stop, in Hillsborough.

She said: “The platform overhangs the road and I moved into the space between tracks to pass the stop.

“On moving back my front wheel fell in the track and I was thrown over the handlebars.

“I cracked helmet, lost a lot of skin elbow to wrist on my right arm, suffered deep grazes right ankle to right knee and a swollen knee.

“I was shocked and upset and too terrified to get back on the bike. I wheeled my bike home and sold it.“

Lucie Oates also had a serious accident after hitting a tram line near Hillsborough – and is still getting physiotherapy eight months after the incident.

She said: “As I turned right my front wheel went into tram line and I flew off and landed on my knees and hands.

“I have a bruised bone in my left knee and am still receiving physiotherapy for it 8 months later and I damaged my index finger.

“I used my bike to commute to and from work and can no longer do it. The thought of going anywhere near the tram lines is really scary to me.

“This wasn’t the first time I’d come off either. I’d fallen off, upright luckily without injury, outside Hillsborough Tram stop.”

A Sheffield City Council Spokesperson said: “Cycling is a big part of city life in Sheffield and we want to work with the cycling community to make sure our roads are as safe as possible.

“We understand that tram tracks cause issues for road cyclists... We have investigated specific areas where accidents have occurred and will soon be in a position to report on the best possible solutions.

“We will continue to work with Cycle Sheffield, along with South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive.”