20's dirty, stay with 30

Re '“ The letter from Annie Parkin MBE, November 3, 2017, headlined 20's plenty, I sympathise about the road she lives on being used as a 'rat run', as I live on a road that is used in the same way.

Wednesday, 8th November 2017, 5:51 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:13 pm

There are some idiots who race up and down my road, and one, fairly recently, failed to turn at the bottom of the road, and crashed straight into a neighbour’s garden wall.

This however, is no reason for the city council to introduce a 20 mph limit, on over 300 roads in the city centre.

There was also a letter from Simon Geller, signed 20’s plenty for Sheffield, in which he states, 20mph zones aren’t primarily about pollution.

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I would remind him, and all readers, that the city council, and the Green party, initially gave cutting pollution as the main reason for introducing the city centre 20mph zone, the Green party stating “Pollution kills.” The secondary reason given, was supposedly to cut the number of deaths on these roads.

Since I have challenged the city council, and the Green Party, to “prove” these “fake facts”, that reducing the speed limit would cut pollution, when in actual fact, it would increase it, they have changed the emphasis to road safety.

They have been unwilling, or unable, to provide figures about pedestrian deaths on these roads, over the last 12 months, mainly, I believe, because it is impossible to cut a figure of none, which I think is probably the correct number.

Referring again to Simon Geller’s letter, I, and many others, have the confidence to walk, but to walk into Sheffield city centre, and back, is not practical, and the public transport where I live is a joke.

Simon Geller also states that people can report speeding motorists to the police. I have tried that, and it was a complete waste of time.

The person I spoke to on the 101 line, when I eventually got through, took the details, then said: “I’ll tell the traffic police to look out for them”. What good is that?

Regarding speed and road safety, I asked two of my grandchildren what they were taught about road safety at school. One has recently left school, and the other is 14.

Neither can recall any lessons about road safety, and from what I see of the television, there is little, if any, education in that respect.

Perhaps it is time for road safety to be pushed more strongly, and brought into the modern era, such as attempting to get through to pedestrians that it is more important to watch where they are walking than it is to be speaking to, texting, or looking at, a mobile phone.

Mike Wilson’s letter about the 20mph limit, seemed to suggest that there was an ulterior motive for bringing in this limit.

The council’s inability to justify their case, and their laughable claim that consultation showed a mandate in favour, with 19 people from 35, supporting them, out of a population of perhaps half a million, in and around Sheffield , seems to add weight to that.

Mike Lawton


You’ve made your bed

What a flaming cheek from the parents of Jihadi Jack threatening the Government with legal action if they don’t bring their son back from a Kurdish prison.

He’s the lad who left Britain three years ago to join Isis, his parents served time in prison as they sent money out to him in Syria so he could buy some new glasses, apparently, not to fund any kind of terrorist acts, so they say.

He’s renounced Isis now and escaped but has been captured by a Kurdish group and he’s suffering so badly in prison and it’s not very fair, say his deluded parents.

Well if I was in charge of the laws of the land I would say he’s made his bed, sorry Syria wasn’t to his liking but it once was so you can lie in that bed.

Jayne Grayson

by email

British ex-pats

I notice the occasional letter published in The Star Letters Page concerning the topic of immigration, most of which expressed opinion that tends to be against.

This has left me wondering what would happen to British ex-pats resident there if the recent turmoil in Spain was to spread throughout the nation, possibly resulting in civil war, as Malcolm Rifkind, (I think it was), seems to fear.

Especially in relation to an exodus back to their country of origin ie the UK, maybe accompanied by those with dual nationality.

So how many people would be involved at worst and how would they be accommodated and their various needs catered for, I wonder.

Just a thought as “they” say.

Michael Parker

Robertshaw Crescent, Deepcar, Sheffield, S36

143 uses of flexi paving

The Star readers and tree campaigners will be waiting with baited breath for Sheffield Council to reveal the location of their 143 uses of flexible paving.

A claim that was made by CounTerry Fox and reported in The Star on December 28 2015, (page 9), and is the subject of a long-standing Freedom of Information request and an Information Commissioners Office (ICO) decision Reference FS50637180 dated October 4, 2017.

The ICO decision gives the council 35 calendar days to provide the information, that is by today.

Campaigners are waiting.



Thoughtful bus companies

Just a few lines to tell the people of Sheffield how thoughtful Stagecoach and First are.

I had my usual outing to town today and when ready to leave made my way to the bus stop at the top of Dixon Lane to catch the 120 service.

Four or five people stood waiting for at least 10 minutes with no bus in sight, which in itself is nothing to worry about as this is a regular occurrence.

A lady passing by then told us that the buses had been diverted due to road works and we had to catch the bus outside the pound shop on Arundel Gate, which then went down Commercial Street round the Parkway roundabout back up Commercial Street and along the top road on Fitzalan Square to Pond Street, totally missing the stop we were waiting.

Now perhaps the bus companies can explain why no notice was given or posted on the bus stops telling people about the diversions, instead of just leaving them waiting for a bus that wasn’t going to turn up.

If it hadn’t been for the lady telling us we would still have been waiting for the bus.

Dave M

by email

Donna and her Mobile

Sheffield City Opera’s, Donna and her Mobile, at High Storrs School is a terrific show.

An operatic mash-up with a contemporary plot, featuring star-crossed lovers, Des and Norma, and a cautionary tale of social media gone bad.

A fun evening, thoroughly recommended.

Jenny Donnison

by email

Saw this last night and is well recommended. Fantastic singing oozing with comedy.

Lisa Smithson

by email