20mph zone in Sheffield neighbourhood will be extended

A 20mph zone in a Sheffield neighbourhood will be extended after residents, cyclists and the police all gave it their backing.

Tuesday, 4th December 2018, 1:44 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th December 2018, 1:50 pm
A 20mph speed limit zone will be widened to include Bocking Lane between Allenby Close and Reney Road

A speed limit zone in Meadowhead and Greenhill will be widened to include Bocking Lane between Allenby Close and Reney Road.

A letter was delivered to 50 properties informing residents and one person, who lives on Bocking Lane, emailed the council a letter of support. They said: 'Our house is at the top of the hill near a bend in the road.

'I have two young children and crossing can be tricky. Many vehicles are not visible until they are close, and likewise, when we are negotiating our drive or crossing we are not always visible to them from a distance.

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'We walk further up or down the road to cross in a safer position, but even then frequently vehicles coming up the hill at speed seem to appear from nowhere and often have to break.

'Myself and another adult family member have each experienced a near miss within the last year when crossing Bocking Lane to walk down Meadowhead Avenue with the children, slowed by a toddler in buggy and the five year old trying to cross with a bike.

'I have also witnessed a gentleman being hit by a car in this section of Bocking Lane and have always felt it's likely to happen again under the current situation. I would welcome a reduced speed limit and think this is an excellent proposition and would vastly improve safety.'

CycleSheffield asked the council to include Reney Road. It said: 'Lowering traffic speeds improves safety for everyone, including people riding bikes. It creates a more pleasant environment where walking and cycling are enjoyable and local neighbourhoods are more pleasant places to live and work.'

And South Yorkshire Police said the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership had worked hard to significantly reduce the number of road collisions.

'We have achieved all our agreed targets in reducing the number of people who are killed or seriously injured over the last few years however, we know that this success brings little comfort to the individuals, friends and families of those who are victims.

'It is well known that speed is a primary cause of collisions that result in death or serious injury and pedestrians and cyclists are the most vulnerable road users.'

A total of 23 areas now have 20mph zones in Sheffield.