2016 Review of the Year: March

Two terrified young sisters were showered with glass when yobs hurled a rock through a car window '“ narrowly missing the girls.

Tuesday, 27th December 2016, 7:00 am
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 2:12 pm
The shattered window.

Shocked mum Amanda Towers said the youngsters were ‘screaming’ in fear when the thugs struck.

Amanda had picked up nine-year-old Audrey and Edith, six, from a swimming lesson and was driving along Sheaf Street near Sheffield train station when she heard an ‘almighty crash’ and the vehicle’s rear window shattered.

Darren Grayson and Mick Somerset.

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The Woodseats woman did not see who threw the rock but informed police of the attack.

*A man who almost drowned after falling into a fishing pond and losing consciousness thanked the angler who saved his life.

Mick Somerset, aged 75, from Parson Cross, was fishing at a private lake in north Sheffield when he fell into the water.

Fellow angler Darren Grayson, AGED 41, from Wincobank, heard the splash and saw non-swimmer Mick frantically trying to keep his head above the water, before the OAP lost consciousness.

Without a thought for himself DAD-OF-TWO Darren jumped into the water and dragged Mick to safety. The pair met up again later at the scene where Mick thanked Darren for saving his life.

*Daredevil Sarah Rixham walked the tightrope across a 60m wire between two buildings at Sheffield Hallam University.

Sheffield-born Sarah, who is the current world-record holder for the longest female highline, carried out the feat to open the 11th annual Sheffield Adventure Film Festival.

*A heartbroken Sheffield dad who lost his little girl to meningitis spoke out in her memory to boost awareness of the disease.

Gracie Foster, aged 4, died from meningitis.

Daniel Foster said his beloved daughter Gracie, aged four, has spurred him on to raise awareness and funds for good causes after her death.

The 35-year-old chef, of Broomhill, paid tribute to his daughter and said: “She was amazing. She was a lively, kind girl. I’ve been spurred on by Gracie.”

Daniel, who works at The York pub in Broomhill, said he wanted to urge parents to look out for the other symptoms of meningitis – as Gracie’s rash did not appear until it was too late.

Darren Grayson and Mick Somerset.
Gracie Foster, aged 4, died from meningitis.