20’s plenty when it’s someone else driving

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Having noticed the number of 20mph zones increasing over the past few weeks, I did some research into the advantages/disadvantages of such areas and have come to the conclusion that everyone picks the part of the test data that suits which side of the argument they are on.

Fuel consumption, journey times and road safety seem to be the main threads, with arguments from both sides quoting different figures from research carried out by varying organisations and scientific institutes.

Looking at the data I could make a case for both sides, especially on fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Road safety to me is the big one, especially after one comment from 20’s plenty, that the “roads are more child-friendly”. I thought roads were for vehicles to make journeys on and pavements were for pedestrians. If a child thinks roads are child-friendly it will only lead to more disregard to vehicles on the highway.

I have noticed a big increase in people crossing the road while cars are coming and expecting them to stop to allow them to cross instead of waiting for the road to be clear before crossing, which is the way I was taught as a child.

The biggest change needs to be in people’s attitudes to driving and responsibilities as a pedestrian.

Education seems to be the way forward not slapping 20 signs everywhere.

Andrew Kirbyshaw

Lynmouth Road, S7